Ok setting up our software is fast easy and seemless if you follow the step by step instructions below, please be aware that we are in no way responsible for the use of this software.

. Download our XexMenu1.8 Autobooter from here.

. Insert your usb flashdrive and navigate to it using your xbox 360 dashboard.

. Now configure your device using the options provided.

. Remove the flashdrive from your console and insert into either your Pc or Laptop.

. Use either winzip or winrar to extract all the bootloader files to your flashdrive.

. Reinsert into your console and re’navigate to your drive.

. You will now see a option to boot Xexmenu1.8 from the drive, hit boot and wait while the progression bar hits 100% (If the process freezes at 87% please remove your flashdrive and re’insert after 10 seconds, the progress bar will continue to install.

. Finally you will be prompted to activate Ghost Flash before proceeding, this will ensure you go undetected during online gameplay but is not needed during offline gameplay.

. You now have a temporary jtag on your console which can be removed at any time by shutting down your console.

.  Note that everytime you shutdown your console Xexmenu1.8 will need to be reinstalled as this is only a temporary softmod which makes it super safe and friendly to use.

. At first you may find using the controller to navigate through the menus can be a little tricky so spend some time getting familiar with all the control instructions.

. (Full color instructions provided in your download)


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