Coming Soon to Xexmenu1.8 Autobootloader.

                 Coming Soon to Xexmenu1.8 Autobootloader 27.5.15

Basically our software is compatible with almost every xbox 360 game title as long as you own the original disc, when you insert a game into your console XexMenu1.8 will ask you to boot game from bootloader.

After your game loads you will be presented with a list of premade mod menus which are fully customizable once you learn how to use the controls properly.

Always activate Ghost Patch when prompted before joining a online game.

Remember to save your dashboard once your happy with it, this will create a ..sav file to your flashdrive which means shutting down your console wont remove you personalised dashboard.

We have preinstalled 4 easy to use custom mod menus to use with any Call of Duty title to get you started with your jtag xbox 360.

The following titles all come with advanced features:

Call of Duty 4

Modern Warfare 2

Black Ops

Modern Warfare 3

Black Ops 2

Advanced Warfare

World At War (Not supported)

Original game disc required when using our software.


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