DOWNLOAD XEXMenu1.8 AutoBootloader

Below is a link to our Unpatched Xexmenu1.8 usb Autobootloader which maybe downloaded as long as you do not redistribute, please keep our software for private use only as this will help to keep our competitors in the dark as they will only do their best to find out our special coded files.

Note: As discussed on our homepage the key to using our software is discretion at all times, remember to use in moderation and keep yourself out of sight when exploiting games, especially during online gameplay (DO NOT BE OBVIOUS)

Above all we hope you enjoy using our Xexmenu1.8 and we trust you will do your best to keep our software out of the bad gamers hands.

Remember before you download please ensure your usb flashdrive has atleast 4gb of memory and it has been formatted via your xbox360 dashboard.


                                              Download XEXMenu1.8 AutoBootloader

NOTE: Depending on your operating system alternatives to winzip and winrar are required.