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How to Jtag Xbox 360 using usb flashdrive.

Ok where do we start?

So the only current way to perform a jtag on a xbox360 is to pull out your soldering iron and chisel and risk voiding your consoles warranty so you may think…




Well here at jtagxbox360tutorials we can provide the most safe efficient way of performing a easy safe and simple way to unleash the capabilities of your xbox 360 console using a usb Flashdrive.

As you may be aware many forums and websites will tell you that a Jtag xbox 360 isn’t possible without a hardware exploit using special components which require you to basically dismantle your xbox360 down to the bare bones.

This is actually not true to say the least (a certain script does the trick quite easily).

A usb Flashdrive is basically a brain which can manipulate the way a Xbox 360 console operates and is granted with unique authority over your consoles hard drive.

Most people who perform this unique usb method remain hidden and conceal themselves which allows them to have an advantage over other gamers.

A common tool used when using a Jtag xbox 360 is something called a mod menu, basically the user will pull up a screen with a list of exploits during more often than not during online gameplay, the mod menu is basically a third party interface installed on your consoles hard drive which allows you to execute commands on demand.

We can provide you with a fully customizable usb Jtag software which can be downloaded directly to your usb flashdrive via a laptop or pc then transfered to your xbox 360, please be aware that not only is modifying your console against the manufacturers terms and conditions but over using exploit tools without trying to be discreet will ultimately end up in other gamers finding out what you are upto which will result in bad negative feedback on your account which could end up being banned for 24 hours or in worser cases a 30 day ban.

The key to using special modifications is to practice the art of getting away with basically cheating your way to success on your desired game.

For more information refer to our requirements page before proceeding.